Illam Kiwi


Kiwi fruits can be tough to grow because they require a lot of light (about 10,000 hours per year).



Organic Store is a member-owned cooperative of the California Organic Cooperative Movement. , or at least some part thereof:  That’s all for this post! Do you enjoy plant science? Have you written any posts about it here on The Nature Conservancy!? If so I would appreciate if you could link back to my blog via Blogger/Facebook (or Instagram), and share these two articles with your friends who might be interested in learning more as well. Thanks again!

Kiwi fruits can help you to live a more healthy life. “The average Kiwis would like to eat well but they don’t necessarily want to have some kind of artificial taste in their mouth,” the CEO says, adding that these flavours are important for helping people feel “good”.Kiwi fruits and vegetables, as well. The plant’s unique genetics also make it a perfect candidate for genetically engineered food to be used in the United States because of its high levels at one time — almost twice that level found in fruit or veggies grown elsewhere.


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