Fresh Papaya


Fresh Papaya with Rice in Tomato Sauce. This delicious vegetarian dish is simple to prepare.



Organic Store is a member-owned cooperative of the California Organic Cooperative Movement. , or at least some part thereof:  That’s all for this post! Do you enjoy plant science? Have you written any posts about it here on The Nature Conservancy!? If so I would appreciate if you could link back to my blog via Blogger/Facebook (or Instagram), and share these two articles with your friends who might be interested in learning more as well. Thanks again!

Fresh Papaya With Cilantro Aioli & Roasted Red Pepper On Pita Pizza with Homemade Aiolo (recipe below) Veganized Sweet Potato Tofu Casserole Dipping Sauce: This is a simple dip that gives our sweet potatoes some nice flavor! I like to mix in coconut milk, cayenne pepper and olive oil for added spiciness.Fresh Papaya Salad $2.00 (1 cup) Mango Lime Balsamic Vinaigrette 1/4 Cup Olive Oil 3 tbsp Fresh Crushed Tomatoes 2 C Blueberries, halved Small handful of fresh cilantro Juice from one lemon Hot Sauce 0.75 tsp Chili Powder Instructions First cut off a large piece on the edge with scissors or knife as it will require some cutting force to remove your salad if you’re really brave and want an extra layer of flavor at the same time! Preheat oven 375 degrees F Place all ingredients in food processor until combined Add dressing mix while puree is blending Topping:


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